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Cinthya Parreno

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About Me

Human Resource Management graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas and aspiring author. 


I have spent half of my life in Mexico and the other half in the United States. This has given me the opportunity to meet different people with diverse backgrounds and stories both in an academic setting and in my local community. For this reason, I became fascinated with how people work together in different cultures and how we all bring a little different spice into everything we do.


I chose to study and practice creative writing as well during college because I think it is important to approach life and business through different perspectives. 

Combining creativity with data analytics, I aim to enter the training and development branch of HR to take part in creating a better work and learning environment in companies.  



Davidson Management Honors Program

I was able to join as a transfer in the fall of 2018. DMHP allows students to have smaller classes with outstanding professors and gave me the opportunity to visit DC/NY for the first time. 

Creative Process

Crafting short stories begins with research,

interviews to create believable characters & 

noticing any similarities for potential plots.

Themes tend to revolve around the

human experience for a diverse audience

yet still remain close and personal. Titles

are always decided at the end and come

from where the heat is found in the story. 

Poetry involves experimentation

around structure and word choice to

reach & build emotional connections with 

readers. Subjects range from politics &

ethics to childhood & death. Most of it is

not light-hearted as I use poems to explore 

obscure parts of my imagination and real life that might not be easy to write as stories.

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