Cinthya [sin-thee-uh]


1 From the Greek name Kynthia, the mythological moon goddess

Literary. The moon, a representation of Artemis. 

How can I make a difference?

No matter what happens, the world keeps turning. This is something I learned early on in life and think it applies in every aspect of today. Technology evolves, the workforce becomes more diverse, generations leave and new ones come, yet companies must find a way to keep on going. I have chosen to focus on training and development for my career in human resource management to make sure we keep on moving and not be left behind by the world. As the workforce changes, having a succession plan, knowing what type of talent to recruit in the future, investing in training programs that resonate with employees and making sure to cultivate a culture that reflects the values of the company is key.  

I knew I needed to be a part of HR when I realized I couldn't solve all the problems in the world alone. I can not become an expert in every subject or help everyone that needs help. I can, however, find and guide the right people that can do all these jobs. Originally I thought talent acquisition would be the best place to do this but after taking a few classes, I realized my true calling was in training and development. As part of this branch in HR, I will be able to develop training programs that can be used and developed further in multiple areas of companies. While being a recruiter would allow me to find the right people for each job, training and development would let me help workers grow into what the future needs. 

Where does creative writing meet HR?

This world only offers a limited amount of possibilities, many often not even considered. Creative writing allows me to tap into a different world, where possibilities are endless. This lets me think outside the box and create a better box for what a real situation may call for. Often times people think thinking outside the box is enough to succeed but knowing how to come back to reality, manage the box we might have been given and merging creativity with effectiveness is also essential to be successful. 

I started writing in the fourth grade when I began reading for fun and playing video games like Tomb Raider and Silent Hill. Reading expanded my vocabulary and began shaping the way I think today: narrating what I do to make it more interesting while at the same time trying to understand it from different points of view. Similarly, video games made me start looking for how puzzle pieces come together and find a purpose for anything that I am given. In games and stories, something small and unimportant might be mentioned only to be brought up later as a part of a big  element to the plot. With this in mind, I tend to have a mental inventory of the people I meet, the things they mention and how they might connect to each other. This is helpful in training and development as I always keep in mind what the employees are like both professionally and socially to try and find the best learning method for individuals or groups. 

What is the future without the past?

Currently I am only doing short stories and poetry but plan to go into video games in the future. I created a short game similar to Pac-Man that incorporated STEM trivia as well as a horror background story in high school. This was a team project for the Young Women Interested in Science and Engineering (YWISE) program at the University of Texas at Dallas. Since the game was created to help students learn more about STEM, I think a version of this could be used for training. Video games have become a part of the recruiting process and as they become more common, it is only a matter of time until they become a standard in HR.