Spring of 2019

Marketing group project. Created a marketing plan that consisted of ads on social media, magazine articles, giveaways in two hospitals, seasonal coupons and a photo contest. The marketing costs was to never exceed 10% of the revenue for the year and therefore was concentrated in four months with the rest of the year being very minimal. A partnership was proposed with Sassy Baby for a limited time for online bundles. We predicted an increase of 15% in sales by the end of the year and we would use feedback and customer interaction to continuously improve the product and increase availability in other countries.

Spring of 2018

As a programs intern for Young Women's Preparatory Network, I decided to propose a class be added to one of the schools in the network. The Grand Prairie branch of the network was having a high turnover of students transitioning from middle to high school. Having attended and graduated from one of the sister schools, Irma L. Rangel Young Women's Leadership School, I thought incorporating a version of our Peer Assistance, Leadership and Service class would improve the retention, as it was very successful in Rangel. I had never written a proposal before and is therefore missing several components I would now include if I were to redo it. The CEO, Lynn McBee, liked the proposal but unfortunately my internship was only a semester long and the school in Grand Prairie was going through administrative changes during that time period, making it difficult to try and implement the proposal. 

Spring of 2017

Through the Young Women Interested in Science and Engineering program at UT Dallas, I was able to design a video game with three other students senior year of high school. The game was developed using MicroWorlds, the software UTD provided us for the project. The game had four levels, each one having a bigger maze, more STEM questions and faster "ghosts" following the player around. The purpose of the game was for students to play as a review or learn something new while having fun escaping dark replicas of their player from previous games that had been lost. Background music was designed by Fatima Mendoza and Jacqueline Hernandez, the coding was done by Daisy Gallegos and I was in charge of doing the graphics as well as putting the final project together.